The first officially released Doom port/enhancement for 3DO


This is OptiDoom, a 3DO port/enhancement of Doom based on the original released source code at

I've been occasionally, although not very frequently, working with this since March of 2017. I had a recent interest in continuing working with it and finally make a first release so that people can try it on the real console. The main goal of working with the codebase is to try and see if anything can be done to improve the framerate so that it provides a smoother experience. To be honest, I haven't managed to improve things enough (most of the speed improvement possible with this port, is really based on options reducing rendering quality) but I have some plans and ideas to look further into it on the next releases. Besides performance helpers, additional options have been added to enable cheats from the menu, change Doom skies, alter some gameplay options, etc.

There are a lot of interesting thing one can do with the Doom engine and I have way more in my mind for future releases. There are two main things I want to focus on the next release, one is certainly focused on speed improvements (there are two paths I want to take here and one is to maintain the current engine and try to optimize it (maybe rewrite the few CPU intensive functions in assembly) while the second is to massively alter the rendering process which will need more time and research, trial and error and it might not even work correctly) and my other big goal is modding (I am pretty excited about this and I think of a way for the user to throw their files in a specific folder inside the CD root without needing to hack the original REZ file).

Optimus6128 aka Bugo The Cat
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Anyway, it's time to see what the present version (V0.1) contains:


The Files:

Method 1: raw files, use 3DO extraction/encryption tools provided in archive.

OptiDoom current version(0.1) (raw files, 810k)

Method 2: easier method, use xdelta patch on original BIN/IMG or ISO you provide.

OptiDoom current version(0.1), xdelta patch for USA BIN/IMG (xdelta patch, 1833k)

OptiDoom current version(0.1), xdelta patch for USA ISO (xdelta patch, 1824k)

Source code at GitHub


As you might have noticed, I didn't provide a full ISO for this release. The zip provided has the compiled binary executable and additional files and tools necessary to create your own ISO as long as you own the original CD or have the ISO of the commercial release. I thought that's ok as in Doom ports, its legit to give the executable of a Doom port away for free, but not the resource data. In the case of 3DO, you'd have to extract the files from the original CD or ISO, copy the updated binary and two more files, compile the ISO and then encrypt it with a second tool. The process is quite simple and there is an instructions.txt inside the archive along with the tools necessary. If anyone wants to make an ISO and publish it at another place, I am totally fine with that. If anyone also wants to change my mind concerning this, it's ok. I am just not sure at this point if it would be legit for me to publish here a full ISO, even though I know nobody would bother for an old console game that is not commercially viable anymore. So, I decided to be consistent with how Doom ports are published.